Tyndall researchers scoop two of the eight 2012 Intel Outstanding Researcher Awards


Professor Jim Greer, Head of Electronics Theory and Graduate Studies at Tyndall and Dr. Paul Hurley, Senior Staff Researcher and Head of High-k Research at Tyndall, have been recognised by Intel with 2012 Intel Outstanding Researcher Awards. Dr. Hurley and Professor Greer are the only two researchers outside the USA to receive this inaugural award.

The award was created to recognize truly outstanding contributions by researchers funded by Intel’s Semiconductor Technology Council and associated Strategic Research Sectors (SRS).

Professor Greer received the 2012 Intel Outstanding Researcher Award for his research contributions in simulation and metrology. Jim was nominated by Intel researchers Dr. Dmitry Nikonov and Dr. Sadasivan Shankar for his work on atomistic modeling leading to “fundamental understanding of junctionless transistors and carbon nanotubes”.

Commenting on the award, the Intel researchers highlighted that the “project has successfully advanced the state-of-the-art in nanoelectronic simulation, linking fundamental electronic structure theory to electron transport simulations.”

Dr Hurley received the 2012 Intel Outstanding Researcher Award for his research contributions in the measurement and analysis of high dielectric constant thin films on compound semiconductors. Paul was nominated by the Intel Fellow Dr. Kelin Kuhn and the award was made through the Ireland SRS. Dr Kuhn congratulated Dr Hurley for “developing best-in-class measurement capability for III-V electronic defect states”, and also added that, “The regular interactions you and your group have had with the Intel researchers have been outstanding”

Commenting upon both awards, Mike Mayberry the Vice President of the Technology Manufacturing Group and Chairman of Intel’s Semiconductor Technology Council noted that the “SRS gave careful consideration to the fundamental insights, industrial relevance, technical difficulty, communication and potential student hiring associated with each of the awardees’ research”.

Welcoming both awards Dr. Alastair Glass, Chairman and acting CEO, Tyndall National Institute said “These awards demonstrate that the research being conducted by Professor Greer and Dr. Hurley is of the highest quality worldwide and is extremely relevant to the challenges faced by today’s semiconductor industry. He went on to say, “in these difficult economic times it is more critical than ever that the Government continue to support high quality research institutes like Tyndall so that Ireland remains an attractive location for high technology Companies like Intel to invest in R&D”

Leonard Hobbs Intel Ireland’s Research Manager said he was delighted that two of Tyndall’s team had received such a prestigious award and that this was a strong endorsement of the quality of the research in the Cork facility

Accepting the awards Dr Hurley and Professor Greer both commented that it was an honor to have their research recognized with such a prestigious award. They acknowledged the role of their respective Intel nominators in guiding their research and the central role of their research teams in delivering successful outcomes. They also thanked the funding agencies, particularly Science Foundation Ireland, who funded basic research that was fundamental to gaining the necessary expertise to work at the very highest level.

Acknowledgements: The research and facilities at Tyndall are part funded by Science Foundation Ireland, and the Higher Education Authority Program for Research in Third Level Institutions (PRTLI). The simulation work was supported by access to the Irish Centre for High End Computing.

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