Brian Crumplin, IGNITE Mentor shares his insights

Brian Crumplin

Brian Crumplin – IGNITE Mentor

Here, IGNITE Mentor, Brian Crumplin shares his insights into the programme:

Brian, External Nominee Director, European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (ERBD), is an engineer and marketing graduate, with 53 years industry experience, including 19 years in multinational organisations and 21 years at CEO level.

As a mentor in Ireland, Brian has worked with more than 100 company projects, of which 53 were new company start-ups. The fastest growing Irish start-up company achieved an annual turnover of US$10 million within two years. Industries represented include professional services; engineering; metals manufacturing; IT; plastics moulding; automation machinery; software development and life sciences. 

He also mentored 12 corporations in Russia and Eastern Europe on behalf of the European Bank (EBRD), the largest of which employed 2,700.

What I teach the applicants:

I teach the applicants to know and understand their unique offering, be it a product, a skill or their specific knowledge. I also teach them to strategically structure the project and or company in relation to legal compliance; route to market; pricing; IP protection etc.

Once we’ve done that I can mentor them in building a business development plan (BDP).  Then in how to use the BDP as a management tool to control and motivate themselves and the business.

Another important aspect I’ll teach is understanding the importance of cash flow management and control.

Why I got involved in the IGNITE Programme:

SME business is the backbone of industry and the economy typically. SME’s employ over 70% of a workforce in western cultures. There were 667,000 new business start-ups in the USA in 2006-7, and they added 7 million employees to the workforce.
Ireland needs to generate more start-up businesses and Ignite can play a strong role in this by encouraging enthusiastic, young, well educated graduates to start their own business without the rigorous constraints and bureaucracy that is applied by the state support agencies.

How to get the best out of the IGNITE Programme:

Graduates must understand that the programme cannot help very much with their individual product offering, but can and will help turn their idea into a viable business.

For more information on the IGNITE Programme CLICK HERE

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One Response to “Brian Crumplin, IGNITE Mentor shares his insights”

  1. Eugene Butler Says:

    Hi Brian, are you the same mentor that worked with Glenbrook Eng. in Cecilstown Mallow Co Cork?

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