I want to be my own boss, take risks and prosper from them!



As a young female entrepreneur fresh out of college the question everyone asks me is:

Sarah why didn’t you get a graduate job?

The answer always is: I want to be my own boss, take risks and prosper from them!

I count myself very lucky that I learned early on in life that my journey is my journey and I didn’t need to follow the ‘norm’ in getting a graduate job, but follow my dream in becoming a female ‘high flyer’ and strive to hopefully provide jobs for other graduates like myself in the near future.

I love every aspect of business, especially management and leadership. I want to empower and lead a team of ‘A’ players, as Steve Jobs did say.

There have been a few challenges I encountered in starting up UniWink, but the main challenge for me is filling in the gaps that exist within the UniWink management team.

My co-founder/brother, Mark and I both have Marketing and Management backgrounds, which means we clearly lack the IT skills needed to develop the online platform. The solution is still underway; we are continuing to secure funding to allow us to outsource the IT work following from the prototype development this March.

Since starting the UCC IGNITE Graduate Business Start-up Programme in October 2013, UniWink is continuing to grow from strength to strength. I have learned so much about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur: hard work, patience, passion, self-discipline and most importantly having fun along the way.

The programme has thought me the concept of devising a business model and continuing to test my assumptions by going out into the market directly, asking the customers what they want, instead of telling them what they want and thereby creating value (wise words from Eamon the programme co-ordinator).

So what gives me a real buzz?

Interacting with the target market, bouncing ideas off them and the feeling that UniWink can really help the student community ‘Collaborate to Graduate’! We are by students for students, and strive to build a virtual learning community that fosters peer to peer assistant social collaboration. And this really gives me a buzz!

So there you are!

I’m Sarah Dineen, co-founder of UniWink.com- “Let’s collaborate to Graduate” coming soon to a campus near you..

The IGNITE Programme is funded by Cork City Council, Cork County Council, Cork County & City Enterprise Boards and UCC/Bank of Ireland.

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One Response to “I want to be my own boss, take risks and prosper from them!”

  1. Colette Quinn Says:

    Great post Sarah – how inspiring! Wishing you & UniWink continued success – onwards & upwards 🙂

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