The Story Behind AppMakeIt


Kieran Moloney

By Kieran Moloney

AppMakeIt was founded in November 2013 with the simple goal of making it easier for non-tech savvy people to create, customize and publish their very own Android and iOS mobile application to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store and also, to allow them to share in-demand content that they are passionate about through their mobile App.

AppMakeIt was inspired by the very first mobile application I made (or attempted to make!) when I was attending University. During this time, I created a graduate careers Smartphone application by the name of Graduate Jobs Ireland. This mobile App was developed to help under-graduates and graduates of Irish third-level education to keep up-to-date with news, events and jobs related to graduates careers in Ireland. Despite having some coding experience through developing my own websites in the past, I still found the process of trying develop, test and publish my first mobile App very challenging, time-consuming and expensive!

After talking to business owners, educational bodies, newspaper editors and people involved in clubs I found that all of these groups had thought about, and were interested in, making a mobile App however, I came to realize that each one of these groups faced one or more of these three issues that I initially had which deterred them from making their own mobile App.

With this in-mind, I decided to create a solution that would eliminate these three common issues. AppMakeIt allows people with no programming experience publish their very own mobile App to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for just €39 and in turn, eradicating the technical challenges, the time takes and the expense involved with developing mobile Apps.

Check it out now at!

Kieran Moloney is a participant on IGNITE 2014. Kieran graduated from UCC with a BSc in Business Information Systems in 2013.

The IGNITE Programme is funded by Cork City Council, Cork County Council, Cork County & City Enterprise Boards and UCC/Bank of Ireland.

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