Just do it, like… Richard Barrett, PunditArena.com


Great piece here by Richard Barrett of PunditArena.com from a little earlier this year. What a year co-founders Richard and Ross have had! Bank of Ireland/IGNITE Business of the Year 2014!


Tell us a little about PunditArena.com Richard…

PunditArena.com is a Cork-based sports media website powered by articulate fans and established journalists, that I co-founded with Ross O’Dwyer. The site is making waves in the digital media sphere and 2014 has been a big year so far. Our company launched last November, and now has over 200 contributors, a sub-editorial team of six, and a further trio involved in digital marketing.  Traffic to the website has increased substantially with over 70,000 users of the product in the last month. We’ve just been named Bank of Ireland/ IGNITE Business of Year 2014 which is a great honour! 

What inspired you to start your own business? 

There was no real ‘eureka’ moment per se.  I didn’t wake up one morning and decide I wanted to start my own business. I guess it was quite progressive.

I had worked a number of jobs growing…

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